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A video is a powerful marketing tool.

A video is a powerful marketing tool. Nothing can visually represent your brand like a well produced video. A video in today’s web and social marketing environment is far more than just an illustration of your brand. Learn why you will get a great ROI by producing a video with us.

Helps your Google ranking

Research shows that placing a YouTube video on your landing page can increase by up to 50% the chance of your website being on the first page of Google for a specific search. After all, YouTube is a Google service so video content, as well as strategically placed descriptions and tags within a YouTube video, will yield better search results. Additionally, YouTube videos often appear independently of the landing page and are often displayed with eye catching snippets that grab attention and improve the click-through opportunity.

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Engages the viewer

A well produced video will keep your viewer engaged. According to research conducted by several e-commerce companies, most viewers will not spend more than 8 seconds on your page. However, with a video, you can keep the viewer engaged in your message for an average of about 3 minutes. Furthermore, e-commerce research shows that 69% consumers watched a video multiple times before purchasing big ticket items like furniture or electronics. Hence, videos are instrumental for consumers in their research and decision making on a purchase.

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Videos are social

Nothing has been gaining more attention on Facebook than video content. According to Facebook, there are 1 billion views on Facebook each day! Most successful businesses are aware of this and are using platforms like Facebook to promote their brand using videos. Facebook is aware that people pay far more attention to videos than other content in their news feed. Hence, they have added features like automatically playing videos in the news feed. Moreover, videos are easily shared by the consumers. This can help your brand grow organically as your consumers will spread videos they find interesting and informative. The e-commerce research indicates that 41% of consumers were likely to share an appealing videos with their friends.

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Your competition is doing it

Lastly, all your competition is doing videos! Research showed that in 2011 there was a 59% increase in web video content and in 2012 there was a 70% increase. So the trend of producing videos for consumers will continue. At this point, the SEO opportunities for video have not yet been exploited like they have been for regular webpage positioning. So don’t wait and get in the game late!

There is so much more that a our videos can do for your brand. See why you should choose Niche Visuals for your video production project!