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Why Choose Niche Visuals Videography?

So many claim they can create a great video. In fact, you might know someone that can create a video for you on a low budget. However, very few can do what we do. This is why:


Every brand, event, and concept has a story, and so should your video. People are drawn to a story, and stories make lasting impressions. Hence, we take time in crafting your story. Before any shots are scheduled, we will meet with you and spend the time to understand what your message is, whether it's promoting your product or capturing your special occasion. We will draw up a story board and make sure that the shots visually convey your story. You might think your brand doesn’t have a good story, don’t worry, we will find it. Heck, we made a story out of a leaf being blown around the city of Chicago.

A Leaf's Life Video

Cinematic Color

Most people don’t realize that the spectacular cinematic look they watch in Hollywood movies is carefully created in post production. In fact, good filmmakers shoot what is called a “flat” image that is really muted and unappealing straight out of camera. This flat image, however, gives a filmmaker the wiggle room during color grading. This process transforms their film. Many videographers skip this important post production step. We do not. We color grade every video we produce no matter how small the project is. After all. we want to give your video that Hollywood look that will dazzle your viewer.

See the Difference

Sound and Music

Great sound is not typically something that grabs one's immediate attention, but nothing can ruin a good looking video like bad sound. We have an extensive background in sound design and production. Before we did videos we were producing music, and we still do. In fact, for many of our projects, we scored the music from scratch like this one. We know how to correctly record sound and then we do all the mixing and mastering in house. Mixing/mastering is a very important process during which all sound and music are correctly balanced. We have high end recording gear and all the software to create a great sounding mix. Many other videographers simply do not have the resources we have, and often produce videos with less than stellar sound or outsource the job, passing the cost onto you.

drone camera

Drone Capability

At Niche visuals, we are certified FAA drone pilots. Drones can add a real production value to commercial and event videos. Before the use of drones, aerial shots were only accessible to top Hollywood production houses. Today, the drones have gotten much better in visual quality, flight control, and portability. A good drone shot can add that wow factor to your event or commercial video.

A Few of Our Drone Shots

professional videographer


We pride ourselves on creating incredible videos/films. Every project we create is a reflection of our work. Therefore, we will work hard to make sure that the video is worthy of the Niche Visuals label. After all, your video is a reflection of our brand. All of our past clients have been really happy with the quality of our work and our commitment to a production schedule. You will love what we will create for you and you will love working with us! Just take a look at some of our testimonials from previous clients below.