Your Wedding is a Special Moment

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Your wedding day is a day you never want to forget. Just imagine sitting down in front of your TV and and being able to relive your special moment for years to come. Nothing will help you relive it again like a film we can produce for you. Niche Visuals specializes in creating wedding videos that are cinematic and capture the magic of the moment. People often say that our videos feel like real films. We take pride in that. In fact, we like to refer to them as short films instead of videos. We will carefully plan the cinematography, and in the post production, we will craft a video that rivals big Hollywood films. We will do all this to give you an everlasting impression of the joy and romance of your special day.



We take great care to create an exceptional wedding video. We want to provide you with a video that you will be able to cherish for years to come. Doing so requires a good amount of work before any ceremony even takes place - planning shots and assembling the appropriate equipment and crew. After all the filming, much of the most important work begins. In post production, we expertly edit the footage and sound to provide you with a spectacular finished product. Through this, we keep you engaged all the way to ensure your special day is captured the way you want it to.

Because each wedding video project is so uniquely different and will vary in hours of filming, crew/equipment requirements, and post production hours, please contact us for a quote. We are confident that you will be happy with the quality and value of services we provide.

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Once the decision is made to create your wedding film with us, we schedule pre-production meetings, so that we can familiarize ourselves with your wedding. A great wedding film requires careful planning. During this stage, we plan our shots. These may include shots to give your wedding video that cinematic film look, documentary style shots, and interviews to craft a story line on how you arrived at your special day.

During the filming process, we typically send a crew of 2 to 4 videographers to expertly capture the events of your special day. Top quality equipment and high definition cameras are used.

It is our post production process that separates us from your typical wedding videographer. We spend hours editing the footage we have filmed and place great importance on color grading. Color grading is a process where your film gains its stylistic look. In the post production, we also match your film with your choice of music. It takes talent to gel the two together, and believe us, we have it! We got our start by producing music videos and our style definitely reflects that.

Once completed, we provide you with your visually stunning wedding film, teaser video for social media, and documentary footage of the ceremony. We can also provide photo stills taken from the footage and 4K video upon request.

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